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Best lip glosses (Op-Ed)

I love lip glosses almost as much as I love lipsticks; I love them for their affordability, convenience, and simplicity. If I were to list all the lip glosses I love, this article would be a book. Therefore, I chose to list only two of my all-time favorites.

A lot of people love to buy from some extremely well-known brands like Kylie Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty, Rare Beauty, etc. Believe me, I love buying from those brands as well. However, in my experience of being a consumer, I’ve found that sometimes, the lesser-known or drug store lip glosses are just as great as the ones from brands like the ones mentioned prior.

My first favorite is NYX Professional Makeup’s Butter Gloss. This is the go-to brand for lip glosses. They have a variety of gorgeous shades, and they feel amazing on your lips. This lip gloss is super comfortable, cheap, and convenient. You can rock NYX lip glosses with any look and skin tone.

There is also no weird taste or feeling to the lip gloss. It is as comfortable as putting on chapstick, and it looks phenomenal! My favorite shades are Devil’s Food Cake, Merengue, and Summer Fruit. You can get these lip glosses for five to seven dollars at CVS, Target, and in an array of other beauty and drug stores! Talk about affordable! 

My second favorite lip gloss is Too Faced Lip Injection lip glosses. A lot of people love the look of this lip gloss, but they don’t love the painful tingling feeling it gives when you first put it on. Trust me, I didn’t like it either at first, but this pain is only temporary. The stinging was also worth it because my lips ended up looking super sensual and plump afterward. My favorite shade is the clear colored one as I could wear it with anything, and it had my lips looking amazing. I also loved Baby Pink. Although this lip gloss looks amazing, it is a bit more pricey. It ranges from 16-33 dollars. However, you can get it cheaper in places like Macy’s and eBay, of course.

So, ladies, if you want affordable and gorgeous-looking lip glosses, get yourself a NYX Professional Makeup’s Butter Gloss and a Too Faced Lip Injection lip gloss today!


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