Flashback Artist of the Month for April 2023


Camaron De La Isla is one of the most iconic Spanish Flamenco singers in the genre. He is largely credited with ushering in the revival of flamenco music in the 20th century, with his overtly masculine and passionate vocal delivery; in collaboration with other notable artists in the genre including Paco De Lucia and Tomatito.

Born to two parents who sang as well (his father was a blacksmith by trade; his mother was a basket weaver), he had all of the right influences and encouragement surrounding him to eventually becoming a legendary artist in his own right. When his father died in his youth, this spurred Camaron to begin taking gigs wherever he could to support the family financially. Eventually, this led to him meeting Paco De Lucia in the mid 60s, launching his career to the heights of true stardom.

Camaron died of lung cancer in 1992. He was only 41.

Soy Gitano (tangos)

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