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Camila Cabello Announces her Virtual Performance on TikTok to Debut her New Album, Familia

Earlier this month, Camilla Cabello shared a new collaboration with Ed Sheeran in their single called “Bam Bam” that will be featured in her upcoming album Familia. Ever since the release of this single, along with her other previously released track, “Don’t Go Yet,” fans have been awaiting the release of her new album, Familia, set to drop early March.

Camilla is so happy with her album. She said, “I want it to be that kind of family affair selfishly, because it would make me happy. It would make my life better and that’s what I want, so that’s really what I was trying to manifest with this whole album.”

“I think being in Miami for so long and having more family around me and speaking Spanish more made me feel, I don’t know, just kind of brought me back. I think my roots went deeper in a way that I really needed. And I think this album for me was a manifestation,” she continues.

While fans patiently wait for the release of Familia on March 8th, Camila Cabello announces an “immersive” virtual performance on TikTok through a teaser video she posted on her social media platform.

Her performance is being live streamed on TikTok at 4 pm PT/7 pm ET on March 7th, the night before her third album drops.

Her online performance is described as “a fantastical trip through the artist’s mind, with shifting sets and costumes designed to complement the music. The performance was created using eye-popping XR, augmenting Camila’s singing and choreography with immersive visual effects bringing Camila’s creativity to her fans like never before.”

“Camila creates an engrossing virtual world for each song she performs, leading the audience on a surreal journey through an ever-shifting reality. Familia: Welcome To The Family is a one-of-a-kind experience you don’t want to miss,” her performance description reads.

Here’s more information so you can tune in and watch, if not during the live stream, during one of the three rebroadcast performances:

  1. LIVE Broadcast: Thursday, April 7 @ 4 pm PT/7 pm ET
  2. Rebroadcast #1 (US/CA/LATAM): Friday, April 8th @ 4 pm PT/7 pm ET
  3. Rebroadcast #2 (APAC/AUS): Saturday, April 9th @ 8 pm MYT/9 pm JP/10 pm AEST
  4. Rebroadcast #3 (UK/EU/Africa): Saturday, April 9th @ 11 am PT/7 pm BST


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