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Coldplay Invites Bruce Springsteen to Join their Show in New Jersey

Last weekend, Coldplay performed at the MetLife Stadium of New Jersey as part of their tour Music of the Spheres. The band decided to pay tribute to the city’s hero, Bruce Springsteen, inviting him to play acoustic versions of Working on a Dream and Dancing in the Dark

The English band surprised their fans by bringing Bruce on stage, who joined them for two songs. As a welcome, Chris dedicated some kind words to his lifelong hero. 

“I have a tattoo on my arm, which is ‘cause this person is my hero,” he said. “And please welcome, I can’t believe we get to say it, but please welcome Mr. Bruce Springsteen.”

The Boss then jumped on stage and shared a hug with Martin as the MetLife Stadium crowd cheered on. 

“Thank you! Hello, New Jersey!” Bruce said. “Like Chris said, he’s had this song tattooed on his arm for a while, so I guess I gotta sing it.

The two then sang Springsteen’s 2009 anthem Working on a Dream. After interpreting the song, Chris Martin and Springsteen stayed alone on stage to render a piano and voice version of Dancing in the Dark, Born in the USA’s iconic song. 

Martin has always expressed admiration for Springsteen, and in 2020, explained the significance of his Working on a Dream tattoo.

“It’s not an obvious Bruce song, but it’s a song called ‘Working on a Dream,’ which is quite recent,” he said in an interview. “That was kind of my gateway drug into Bruce. Of course, that’s what we’re doing every day, working on a dream.”

Coldplay is currently on their Music of the Spheres world tour. For their first show at MetLife on Saturday, the group invited Kylie Minogue for a rendition of her hit song “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.”

Springsteen also announced in May that he and Springsteen’s backing band, the E Street Band, will be touring the world starting in February 2023, their first tour in six years.


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