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Colleen Hoover’s “It Ends with Us” set to hit the big screen, starring Blake Lively

Colleen Hoover’s 2022 New York Times bestselling novel, “It Ends with Us”, is officially being adapted for the big screen, starring Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni.

Released in 2016, the novel began to gain widespread popularity in 2022 and became a social media culture phenomenon, becoming the top-selling print book of 2022.

The novel was optioned in 2019 by Bladoni, who will play Ryle, and Colleen Hoover is working with Christy Hall, known for her writing on many television series, on creating a script that best reflects the novel. Furthermore, there’s no doubt that Hoover is satisfied with the casting decisions, calling Blake Lively her “dream Lily.”

The story centers on the character Lily Bloom, fresh out of college and mourning the death of her father. After meeting Ryle, a doctor who swears by the “no girlfriend rule”, the two spark some romance. However, just as things turn serious, a past lover reappears in Lily’s life, forcing her to question her relationship with Ryle.

 Hoover does a profound and unique job of carrying the readers through an emotional rollercoaster, diving into the nooks and crannies of the good and the bad of their relationship, along with all of the emotions that the characters feel.

“I think Justin and Blake have what it takes to bring these characters to life and I cannot wait for you guys to see that happen,” Colleen said in an Instagram video filmed outside her childhood home.

Hoover went on to thank her mother, her inspiration for writing this book. “[She] got us out of a scary situation when I was little and brought us here to this house which doesn’t look like much but was full of love and joy,” the author added. “So thank you, Mom, for making that very difficult decision. The fact that we are now discussing a movie that was made from a book that was loosely inspired by my mother, it’s bittersweet. So many people have had to go through [what she did], but to know my mom’s decision has helped so many people get out of that. I love you, Mom.”


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