Crucial Testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson At Jan. 6th Hearings

The January 6th hearings, investigating the nature of the capitol riots last January following the win of Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, have been going on since early June and are expected to continue into July. Many former staff members of Trump declined to testify against him— until yesterday’s sixth meeting, during which Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to the White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, officially testified. Hutchinson shared her intel regarding the lies that have been told by Trump and his administration in relation to the claims that they were unaware of what was going to take place on Jan. 6th, as well as the level of violence and destruction.

Hutchinson’s testimony revealed that the White House staff was completely complacent, and involved, in the Jan. 6th riots, recalling that her boss Mark Meadows told her that “things might get real, real bad on Jan. 6th.” In addition, Hutchinson repeatedly testified that Trump was not concerned whatsoever with the mob storming the capitol carrying guns, knives, and other weapons and only wanted to “let my people in” without passing through metal detectors since they were “not there to hurt me.” Secret Service agent Robert Engel told Hutchinson, which she relayed to the committee, that Trump tried to take control of the car that they were driving in order to go to the Capitol, in which Engel denied his request for the President’s safety, causing Trump to then lunge towards Engel’s throat. 

Cassidy Hutchinson is being likened to Alexander Butterfield, former White House aide during the Nixon administration that gave damning testimony during the Watergate investigation that revealed Nixon’s involvement in taping conversations in the Oval Office. Following the Jan. 6th riots, Trump denied any attachment to the riots, as well as condemning any violence that took place. Now, Hutchinson’s testimony proves that not only did Trump lie about his association with the events that took place, but he even encouraged them. 

As the hearings continue, it is uncertain whether Trump will finally be imprisoned for the crimes that he committed relating to the Capitol riots. However, the public has commended Cassidy Hutchinson for voicing her experiences and risking her safety in order to testify against Trump, who has a large fan-base who are likely to become violent against those who speak out against Trump. 


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