Keeping up with the Guardian Angels

Curtis & Nancy Sliwa "Get Wild" in Southampton to Help Animals

Ladies & Gentlemen,

This Saturday Curtis & Nancy Sliwa were guests of Ingrid Arneberg at the annual summer gala “Get Wild” for the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center. The rescue group works to rehabilitate and educate native wildlife. The event was held in a private garden in Southampton and featured hawks and owls that had been rehabilitated.

The two recent rescue kittens Nancy & Curtis have accompanied them to the event to the delight of event-goers, with the exception of an owl who was not a happy camper. Curtis was forced to defend the kitties and sternly told the Owl that he better leave them alone!

Do you remember Woodsy Owl, an icon for the United States Forest Service, who told the public to “Give a hoot – don’t pollute!” Woodsy was introduced into the world in 1971 shortly after Curtis had become known as the recycling King in Canarsie. And there was an instantaneous connection because owls were always Curtis’s favorite animal growing up. So while it was difficult for Curtis to reprimand the owl, he was willing to put aside that long standing affection to keep his little rescue buddies safe.

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