Dangers of Sleeping with your iPhone

We’ve heard about the teenage girl that woke up to her iPhone burning a hole in her sheets but this time it’s even worse. Dionne Baxter, a 24-year old English woman got a rude awakening when she rolled onto her charging iPhone 4 while sleeping and received a severe 5-inch burn on her breast. Baxter said she awoke to serious pain and immediately rushed to the hospital. Due to the fact that she sleeps in the nude, there was no barrier protecting her from the burning hot iPhone. The burn has become infected, leaving Baxter with a large red wound. Despite the obvious heat dangers, doctors say that you should sleep with your iPhone away from you anyways as radiation emissions are known to severely disrupt sleep patterns. Yes, we should not sleep with our iPhones in bed. But why are iPhones getting to a temperature where people are getting severe burns from a mere touch regardless? And why is no one contacting Apple about this? It can’t be normal. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below!


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