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Does Losing Kyrie Irving Really Hurt the Brooklyn Nets?

Before I get started with this article, I want to make it clear that I do not think that the Brooklyn Nets are better off without Kyrie Irving; or that the Nets don’t need him at all. This is an article just playing with the idea of what will happen if the Nets end up without Irving; whether that’s through him being traded, or he retires or whatever else happens in the Kyrie/vaccine saga. 

Firstly, it must be made abundantly clear before this season starts that even if Kyrie misses this season, or just isn’t there, that they still have no excuses. This is still a championship or busy season for the Nets because they still have a championship caliber team without Kyrie. Of course, they are better with Kyrie, but they still have Kevin Durant and James Harden, two recent MVPs whose chemistry is great. Not to mention that they both are widely considered to be in the top 5 players in the league. Then there’s the fact that the Nets have good depth as well, with players like Patty Mills, who is a new addition from the offseason, Blake Griffin, Joe Harris, LaMarcus Aldridge, Paul Millsap and more players on the roster. 

The preseason also has shown us evidence of the Nets still being the team to beat. Sure, we shouldn’t put too much value into it since it’s just the preseason, but it still gives us a preview of what’s to come. Also, it’s completely fair to believe that the team will get better once the season starts, not worse. If anything, Kyrie not being around would only level the playing field for the other teams with championship sights such as the Lakers and Bucks. The basketball gods might be making the season even more enjoyable for us, the NBA fans.   

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