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Ed Sheeran Knocks His Own Song Down on the Charts

Superstar Ed Sheeran has been preparing for the release of his next album by releasing singles that are featured on the album. His second released single “Bad Habits,” was at number one in the U.K. for 11 weeks. Before another artist could bump him down to number two, he released “Shivers,” his third single from the new record. This will likely guarantee another several weeks on top for Sheeran. This is not the first time that Sheeran has bumped himself on the charts, but this was an incredibly fast move. 

No matter the amount of time he takes between music production, Sheeran is always able to land singles on the charts, worldwide. Surprisingly, he has taken a big turn in his music style. He has been well-known for his upbeat acoustic sound for nearly 10 years, but it seems that fans can expect differently after these new tracks. Recent singles have encompassed more techno sounds, serving more as dance tracks. 

Considering that Sheeran has remained a huge name in music since his “Plus” album a decade ago, he is likely making these changes to his sound to keep aligned with what is popular. Musicians that do not adjust their sounds with the times will quickly fall out of favor with the rapidly changing music industry. Even if fans from the early years of his career are disappointed, at least they can continue to receive music from him, with his career continuing to boom. 

In addition to his music, Sheeran’s life has also changed in the past few years, with marriage and a child. Perhaps he is just attempting to start a fresh, new chapter for himself. 

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