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“Espresso” from Sabrina Carpenter is a smooth transition away from the “emails i can’t send” era (Op-Ed)

Sabrina Carpenter has had a steady fan following and repertoire of pop hits for nearly a decade at this point, debuting her professional music career nearly 9 years ago to the day with “Eyes Wide Open.” 

Following her departure from Disney, she’s released multiple albums and EPs, but nothing has quite launched her into mainstream popularity as “emails i can’t send”- a deeply personal and reflective pop album that garnered international attention, complemented by Carpenter’s collaboration with Taylor Swift as her South America opening act during the highly-anticipated international legs of the Eras Tour. 

How then, can she be expected to follow up this massively successful music era? 

With espresso, of course. 

Debuting on April 11, “Espresso” may very well be the summer of 2024’s breakout hit, embodying Carpenter’s signature upbeat pop style with catchy lyrics and a strong self-love and self-confidence message ringing through.

Playing on the unbelievable hype of previous hits such as “Nonsense” and “Feather”, Carpenter fully embraces a musical style that prioritizes fun and fresh beats, reflecting on relationship dynamics, establishing herself as a strong, attractive individual, and brushing off negative feedback that may come her way. 

“Espresso” opens with a trendy crescendo, increasing in volume from an initial dampened track and popping through the intro powerfully. Employing 4 beats per bar and a mix of electronic and traditional production elements, the song utilizes a combination that is quite reminiscent of other pop front-runners such as Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Tate McRae, and more.

Highly danceable, there’s no doubt that “Espresso” will climb the ranks in the coming weeks, especially as we push forward through spring and highly anticipate the warmer, more ubpeat weather and social conditions of summer. People will be craving a highly danceable, simple, catchy, and feel-good track to blast through their phone playlists, stereos, and speakers. 

“Espresso” is fully up to the challenge. 

The question in whether Carpenter will take some much-deserved time away from touring and public performances to return to the studio for a follow-up EP or album, or if “Espresso” will be enough alone to hold us over and keep us up all night as we anticipate her next move as an artist. 


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