Fast and the Furious 7 Trailer/Franchise

The Fast and the Furious trailer had a huge debut and leave fan wanting more and anxious for the film’s release.  The trailer reached 100 million Facebook views within the first 48 hours. Many fans question whether the Franchise will continue following Paul Walker’s tragic death during the filming of “Furious 7”. After his death, Paul’s brothers stepped in as his body doubles.  Vin Diesel was quoted saying “…It’s a strange thing to mourn that person and simultaneously pretend that person is next to you. “ Fans can rejoice and be at ease at the thought of 10 Fast and Furious movies! Universal chairman Donna Langley was quoted saying “We think there’s at least 3 more…I think it’s still a growing franchise…”  Furious 7 is set to release on April 3rd of 2015.



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