Fauci Answers Questions Surrounding COVID on MSNBC Panel

As children from ages 12-15 are granted access to the COVID vaccine, Dr. Anthony Fauci and a panel of health experts answered some common questions on MSNBC regarding the vaccine and its safety. Their answers generally reinforced the idea that vaccines were safe. Fauci explained that nothing is absolutely certain but that vaccines are highly effective, something shown by recent overall decreases in infections and deaths from COVID-19.

The tone stayed generally reassuring as the panel encouraged parents to consider vaccinating their younger children. Even though children are at lower risk of experiencing a severe reaction to COVID, they would have an even lower chance of experiencing severe symptoms if they were vaccinated. The panel also confirmed that high-risk individuals with preexisting medical conditions should especially consider getting the vaccine so they can be protected from the severe side effects that can come with catching the virus.

The panel continued to emphasize the data that supports the safety of vaccines, and Fauci stated that there is “overwhelming evidence” that vaccines are “very safe” and mentioned that both the CDC and the FDA recommend getting the vaccine.


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