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Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Children Shouldn’t be Required to Get COVID Vaccine

In a recent interview on CBS This Morning, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who serves as President Biden’s Chief Medical Advisor, said that he believes parents should be encouraged to get their kids vaccinated but doesn’t think children should be required to get their shots.

This comes after the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID vaccine was made available for all children ages 12-15. During Fauci’s appearance on the show, he pleaded with skeptical parents to get their kids vaccinated, assuring them of the shot’s safety. A poll taken by CBS found that 30% of parents would get their kids in this age group vaccinated, while 26% would wait a while, and 23% of parents wouldn’t get them vaccinated at all.

When asked if he believes that kids should be required to get vaccinated before going back to school, Fauci said that it is something that’s “debatable.” He goes on to say, “Whenever you’re talking about requiring something, that’s always a charged issue. So, I’m not so sure we should be requiring children at all, we should be encouraging them.”

Fauci did emphasize the importance of children getting vaccinated, saying that while young people may not experience COVID-19 symptoms with the same severity as older individuals, they can inadvertently spread the virus to those who might be more vulnerable. With so many new variants out there as well, there is also a chance that young people infected with the virus could experience some “serious trouble,” as Fauci says.

Dr. Fauci also stated in the interview that people who are fully vaccinated no longer have to wear masks outside unless they are in a large crowd. Fauci believes that it’s important to begin the transition back to normal life and put the mask aside when outside if you are vaccinated.




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