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Four Potential Candidates Competing to be NYC’s Next Governor

Kathy Hochul is the 57th Governor of New York City. Through her term, she hopes to improve certain issues of the city, including COVID-19 and education. A couple of potential candidates such as Bill de Blasio opted out of this race. Here are four potential candidates who are competing in the next seat for governor.

Kathy Hochul


Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Hochul is the current governor of New York City. She worked in public services in West New York and started out with solving issues in ethics reform. Multiple issues and controversies occurred during Cuomo’s reign. She wanted to limit the terms to two four-year terms. The officials for these roles cannot get income outside of their job. Another important issue she covers is K-12 education. She wanted to incorporate mental health professionals to support both teachers and students who had difficulty coping in COVID-19 and adapt to an online environment. Fundings would be increased to support the education system and discuss the shortage of teachers. The income incentives would help invite more teachers and educators in school. The schools would connect with the student service corps so students can interact with their community and find the needs for children in healthcare, mental health, and education.

Paul Nichols


Paul Nichols is a current Deputy Chief of Staff and Counsel at the New York State Senate. In his leadership, he intends to make housing affordable for the general public. The costs would decrease by 50 percent or more. His primary focus is to make the wealth gap smaller in the city’s communities, especially establishing minimum wage at a higher rate so those of low income have a chance to live a better quality of life. The raise of wages would promote family living and work opportunities for those who dream of living in New York City.

Rob Astorino


Astorino plays many roles, including politician, radio producer, and television host. He founded 1050 ESPN Radio in New York. In his younger years, he was involved in the Mount Pleasant board of education and is married to a public school teacher. He believes in supporting families by providing them plentiful educational opportunities for students who even reside outside of their local zone. Life education such as financial literacy and nutrition are important to teach to children at an early age so they prepare to live for the better. He also wants to increase vocational opportunities in cosmetology, mechanics, and other specialized classes where children get to explore different hands-on experience careers.

Andrew Giuliani


Giuliani’s life has been set in Manhattan. Originally pursuing golf in the professional spectrum, he moved on to politics and conducted initiatives to provide millions of jobs that otherwise would have been lost during the pandemic. He currently works as an analyst for Newsman Television and is a board member of the United States Holocaust Museum.


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