Good Riddance Super League

Rejoice, football (soccer) fans! The proposed Super League is falling apart as we speak.  It has been reported that Chelsea FC, Manchester City FC, and Atletico Madrid have started the process of pulling out of the Super League.  These teams removing themselves from the proposed league will likely begin a domino effect of clubs leaving. 

Coaches, players, ex-players, and fans were shocked by the new Super League proposal and condemned it.  The owners of Manchester United, Juventus, Liverpool, and Real Madrid were adamant that the proposal would go ahead.  The news of three of the 12 founding clubs leaving means that it is only a matter of time before the proposal disbands.  Additionally, Manchester United Chief, Ed Woodward, will resign from his post at United at the end of the season as a result of the clubs leaving.  This is a big indication that the Super League will not come to fruition, since Woodward was a big part of the proposal.  It is also rumored that all clubs in England will begin the process of withdrawing from the Super League proposal, including Manchester United. 

The controversial Super League proposal would create an anti-competitive league, with 15 founding clubs and another five spots that would be filled yearly.  If the proposal goes through, the teams involved would not be allowed to participate in their domestic competitions or European competitions.  Also, the players involved would not be allowed to represent their countries in international competition. 

For more information on the Super League proposal and the negative impact that it would have on European football, you can read our earlier Sports article, titled “European Super League will Destroy the Greatest Sport in the World,” on 


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