Keeping up with the Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels Animal Protection Van

GREAT NEWS! The Guardian Angels Animal Protection Division now has a Van that has hit the streets of NYC. It can hit the streets at a moments
notice to rescue Dogs and Cats in Distress. Those that have been abandoned, abused and victimized. It also enables us to rescue Dogs and Cats that have been put in Shelters. The shelter will only hold a Dog or a Cat for 72 hours. In that time it must be claimed or adopted. If not the animals are executed. The GA Animal Protection Van gives us the opportunity to rescue Dogs or Cats with a moments notice. We can also help other citizens that manage feral cat colonies which help suppress the rat and rodent populations. Nancy Sliwa is our Director and if you need further info. on the program you can contact her directly at 212 787 1625 or at …….

Our Guardian Angel Board Member INGRID ARNEBERG has sponsored the Van and supports the Guardian Angel Animal Protection Program.
She also volunteers as a Guardian Angel member who helps take care of the dogs and cats taken in by the program.

Rafael Alvarez is our Guardian Angel Board Member and our Comptroller. He paid for the GREAT WRAP JOB on the Van.

This has been a great Guardian Angel and Community Partnership.

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