Keeping up with the Guardian Angels

Recruiting a New Generation of Guardian Angels

Thomas “TUT” Hunt has been a Guardian Angel for 40 years. He joined in the Bronx just month’s after we started patrolling the subways of NYC. He is now based in Chicago and works with the Chicago Guardian Angels. It was a group that he resurrected over 30 years ago. The initial effort had collapsed under the pressure of the political and police powers to be to scuttle our effort. He single handedly left NYC revived our chapter in Chicago and they have been a force in helping with public safety ever since.

Tut also helped to set up GA chapters in Atlanta, Chattanooga, West Palm Beach and Minneapolis. You could send him into a city with no resource and no recruits and he would build a chapter from scratch. He was and still is a recruiting machine. In a recent visit to New York City to visit his relatives we spent time talking about recruiting a new generation of Guardian Angels. Upon his return to Chicago he will take up this cause on behalf of all of our Guardian Angels globally. He has been given free reign to test out all methods involving modern and old school techniques. He has already begun the effort upon his return to Chicago. We will share his results with all of you.

You can also contact Tut directly at: or 773 640 1295

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