Keeping up with the Guardian Angels

Rio De Janeiro Guardian Angels Rush into Apartment Building on Fire

The other day while on Patrol the Rio de Janeiro Guardian Angels spotted a fire raging in a nearby apartment building. They immediately ran in to the burning building and started to escort residents out of the building. When the Fire Department arrived they gave the Guardian Angels masks so that they could continue to help them clear out the building as they fought the fire. Partnerships can be with all agencies involved in public safety. Police, Fire, EMT’s ect. There was great cooperation at the scene between the GA’s and the Fire Dept.

As an example the Mexico City Guardian Angels are constantly training with the Fire Dept. and the Mexico City Disaster Unit Response Team. The Guardian Angels in Mexico City have helped fight fires and have responded as trained emergency personnel when Earthquakes have struck all across Mexico.

This is the type of Partnership that other GA chapters should explore.

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