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Photo Credit: Valerio Mezzanotti

High fashion is for showing creative explorations in clothing, not for actual wearing (Op-Ed)

The phrase “fast fashion” has become ubiquitous in modern discourse about the fashion business. The concept of fast fashion is based on the idea that trends come and go as quickly as they come onto the runways, which caters to our need for quick fixes and ever-changing looks. But below all the hustle and bustle of quick fashion is a discussion about what fashion is all about.

There is more to fashion than meets the eye; it is a dynamic interaction of creativity, tradition, and individuality. Specifically, high fashion is a lighthouse for artistic expression because it challenges conventional wisdom about what people may wear. High fashion goes beyond being only a medium for mass consumption or functionality to become a platform for narrative and creativity.

Essentially, high fashion is an artistic expression, and designers are the modern-day equivalent of artists. Their clothes serve as a canvas, and they utilize complex methods and avant-garde ideas to make people think and feel. An immersive event that challenges our senses and expands our imaginations, high fashion runway shows are more than simply exhibitions of apparel.

As a cultural touchstone, high fashion not only reflects but also predicts the values of our day. This platform allows designers to explore new materials, technology, and design philosophies, challenging the limits of what is thought to be achievable or acceptable in the fashion industry. Thus, high fashion initiates a discourse on self-discovery, environmental consciousness, and societal transformation.

High fashion may be unattainable or impractical, but it doesn’t diminish its worth. Items of high fashion take on the qualities of works of art when they are embellished with narratives, symbols, and feelings. As relics of a bygone age, they record and transmit the values and customs of that time for the benefit of future generations.

At its core, good fashion is about more than just dressing well; it’s about being a witness to moving art. It pushes us to accept the potential of fashion to change our lives and to reconsider our assumptions about what constitutes appropriate attire. The artists and designers who keep pushing the limits of human apparel are honored when we celebrate high fashion as a sort of creative research. 


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