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Top stores with great deals on high-quality jeans. (Op-Ed)

We all know that finding the right pair of jeans can be a headache. Finding ones that look and feel great all while being affordable is even more painful. Don’t fret ladies, I can make your shopping experience a breeze with these three suggestions: SHEIN, Forever 21, and American Eagle. I purchase most of my jeans from these three stores and it’s easy to see why. These stores have a collection of gorgeous jeans in every style, shade, and size!

SHEIN is one of my favorite online stores of all time. They have jeans in every color, size, and style. Their jeans are also very affordable as you can purchase one for at least 6 dollars! I’ve purchased affordable jeans from SHEIN, and let me tell you the quality of the fabric was amazing! The shades and colors of the jeans were gorgeous, and they fit like a glove.

One huge issue I have being a petite girl is finding a good pair of jeans that won’t go past my ankles; with SHEIN I don’t have this problem. You can enter your height and size in the app/website, and you will always get the right pair. The only downside of being a SHEIN buyer is having to wait more than a week for it to be delivered. I guarantee you it is worth the wait!

Forever 21 has always been one of my favorite stores as I’ve been shopping there religiously ever since I was 15. Forever 21 has a variety of gorgeous colored jeans like SHIEN but what makes them stand out to me is their denim jeans. Their denim jeans have some of the most gorgeous shades of blue I’ve seen in my life and their ripped jeans are comfy and fashionable too! You can order these beauties or visit your local Forever 21 store and purchase them for as little as 15 dollars. Now that’s a deal!

American Eagle is hands down my favorite physical store of all time. They have the comfiest and cutest tops, sweaters, and sweats. Their jeans aren’t a force to be reckoned with though! This retail and fashion giant has every pair of jeans you can think of. From mom jeans to baggy jeans to denim, you name it! They are the most expensive on this list as their jeans range from roughly 29 to 55 dollars. However, they have a variety of gorgeous jeans in their 20s and 30s price range which is a plus.


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