How the Barbie movie is affecting fashion in 2023

The new Barbie movie is said to be the blockbuster of the century, and moviegoers are counting down the days till it comes out in theaters (by the way, it’s seven). Barbie has been dominating everything in pop culture as of recent, including fashion.  Considering the cultural significance of the Barbie/Mattel brand, it’s safe to say Margot Robbie will play a part in that legacy for years to come.

Barbie and fashion go way back. The first ever outfit that Barbie wore was a black and white zebra striped swimming suit designed by Charlotte Johnson.  The Barbie fashion model doll came with brown or blonde hair. Not a lot of diversity, but then again, it was 1959, and Barbie has come a long way since then. There are now 250 different versions of Barbie. Barbie was created by Ruth and Eliot Handler, who are also the What Barbie Dolls Looked Like the Year You Were Bornfounders of Mattel.  

There have been numerous animated Barbie movies and animated Barbie tv shows, but this will be the first-ever live-action Barbie film. 

With the excitement of the Barbie movie coming out, people have been looking deep inside themselves and channeling their inner Barbie through the clothing they wear in everyday life.  Some people have even been wearing pink blazers to their office jobs. Many people have been taking to TikTok to share their proudest Barbie outfits, with the song “Barbie Girl” playing in the background, using the hashtag #barbieoutfits to form a community of Barbie Core fashion. Meet the New Wave of More 'Diverse' Barbie Dolls | Smart News| Smithsonian  Magazine

If you don’t have social media in 2023, no worries because you can also see how Barbie is affecting fashion in almost every store this year. Forever 21, Gap, Canada Pooch, ALDO, and more have been collaborating with Barbie to bring the hottest summer looks. 

Barbie is even making a statement in Home Decor. The girls who live alone could not be happier with the home decor selections right now. The amount of Pink online and in stores has been insane, and we are not mad about it! Everyone seems to want their own version of Barbie’s Dream Home. Ms. Hansen, a graphic designer who resides in Tacoma, Washington, recently went ahead and infused her home with Barbie pink walls, a pink sidewalk, and pink statues.  

Barbiecore is surging its way into home décor and interior design

(IMG -Ms.Hansen’s Home )

 “I think I just naturally am such a pink froufrou girl. All my stuff. Everything I buy is always a little bit Barbie-esque,” she said. “So it has taken over.” Ms. Hansen said to the New York Times. 

The Barbie movie is bringing back fun, whimsy, and bright colors to everyday style and expression; and channeling feminine energy into even the workplace. Designers are revisiting and revising ideas, with various pink hues as the muse  Special consideration should be given to the designer who came up with all of the clothing for the Barbie movie, Jacqueline Durran. 


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