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Is it Fair to Expect EFL Championship Teams to Succeed in the Premier League?

At the end of every season in English football, as in most soccer leagues worldwide, the two bottommost teams move to the lower division; in England, that’s the English Football League Championship (EFL Championship). Likewise, the two uppermost teams in the EFL Championship move to the Premier League. While it serves as inspiration and a good marker for teams in the EFL Championship, is it fair to expect teams with far fewer resources to be able to face teams like Manchester City week in and week out while still staying afloat in the Premier League? 

I’m not suggesting that the current system be changed. It’s essential to provide an opportunity for EFL Championship teams to fight for a spot in the Premier League. After all, some of the most well-known Premier League teams had several campaigns in the Championship and vice versa. Instead, what I would prefer to see is an investment into the clubs that are promoted to the Premier League. 

Both Fulham F.C. and Sheffield United F.C. were relegated to the EFL Championship at the end of their first season back in the Premier League. In the previous season, Norwich City F.C. had a similar experience. In watching recently promoted teams play against teams who’ve been in the Premier League for five-plus years, the difference in quality is overwhelming. EFL Championship teams do not play with the same finesse or technique, they play the game at a slower pace, and their ability to read the game is nowhere near where it should be. 

A small investment into these clubs from the Premier League would provide them with the resources to attract better players, buy better coaches, and update their stadiums, which would bring in more revenue in the long run. All of these upgrades would help these clubs fare better in the Premier League. 

I understand that there are checks and balances; therefore, it would not be a simple process. At the same time, without any help, EFL Championship teams will be stuck on the never-ending relegation/promotion merry-go-round for the foreseeable future.

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