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It took a couple of hours for Ochocinco to hit rock bottom

For nearly 12 years NFL fans have witnessed greatness to say the least from wide receiver Chad Johnson formally known as “Ochocinco”. Recently Chad’s football legacy has been over shadowed by his presence in the media. Usually referred to as a “Media Whore”, Chad married Evelyn Lozada (Star on Basketball Wives Miami) known for her short and spicy temper. You can call Evelyn the “Female Ocho”. Only 39 days into the marriage the entire world watched Chad’s life crumble in a couple of hours.
It all started with an altercation between the couple in front of Chad’s Florida home. Evelyn found a receipt for condoms in the car and confronted him about it. The police report states that the football star began screaming and cursing at Ev and the argument somehow lead to Chad Head-butting her, Ev then fled to a neighbors house to call the police. Chad was arrested on August 12th and released on $2,500 bond a couple of hours later. To add insult to injury, Chad was ordered by the courts to have NO contact with wifey Ev for six weeks. A couple of hours after his release the Miami Dolphins fired Johnson; he was picked up by the team on a “One-Strike & you are out of here” deal. You might think Chad’s day couldn’t get any worse, you are wrong! VH1 then stunned everyone by cancelled the highly anticipated “Ev & Ocho” show, set to premiere September 3rd. Still don’t things could get worse? Evelyn is set to press charges against Chad.
Makes for a great reality show right?


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