Make Up Artist of the Month for January 2021


Joy Adenuga is a London-based professional makeup artist and beauty expert who specializes in working on dark skin tones and accentuating eyes beautifully. She is famous for her work with differing skin tones and textures and says that her skill in this regard is because of her extensive knowledge on color and tones.

She especially enjoys editorial makeup and has been featured in a multitude of publications such as Vogue, Elements Magazine and FaceOn Magazine. She was professionally trained at the London School of makeup, and has a large, loyal fanbase on social media. She believes her training was vital to her success and says that doing makeup is “not all about creating looks with five eyeshadows,” Adenuga tells FlavourMag. “You need education in handling different skin tones, colour correcting etc.” Her training has done her well, as she is the two-time recipient of the UK’s Bridal Makeup Artist of the Year and was on the list of 50 top wedding make-up artists for 2019. One of her inspirations is Danessa Myricks, who is a self-taght makeup artist that she admires greatly, and who runs the Danessa Myricks University and runs an eponymous makeup brand.


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