Latin Artist of the Month for December 2023


Julieta Venegas, the iconic Mexican singer-songwriter, was born on November 24, 1970, in Long Beach, California, and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. Her magnetic blend of pop, rock, and traditional Latin sounds revolutionized the music scene, earning her acclaim as a versatile musician and performer. Venegas gained international recognition with her soulful accordion melodies and poignant lyrics that speak to the complexities of love, identity, and societal norms. Her breakthrough album “Si” (2003) propelled her to global fame, featuring hits like “Me Voy” and “Andar Conmigo,” which showcased her distinctive voice and resonated deeply with audiences worldwide. With multiple Grammy Awards and Latin Grammys under her belt, Julieta Venegas remains an influential figure, not just for her musical prowess but also for her unwavering authenticity and fearless exploration of diverse musical styles.

Beyond her music, Venegas is known for her advocacy work, championing various social causes including LGBTQ+ rights, environmental issues, and the empowerment of women in the music industry. Her commitment to using her platform to promote positive change further cements her status as not just a talented artist but also a socially conscious advocate for a better world. Venegas continues to captivate audiences with her electrifying performances and thought-provoking music, leaving an indelible mark on the Latin music landscape.

Me Voy (Video Stereo)

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