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Lace-Up Sandals and Other Footwear we Can’t Wait to Wear this Spring

Ready to put away the stuffy coats and winter boots? Only one month to go before spring, and we’re seriously pumped for the warmer weather. Time to show off those perfect pedis with some open shoes! Scroll down to see five spring 2022 shoe trends we’ll be loving this next season.

Dutch leather clogs

Clogs will see a revival this year. We’ve seen many of them make a comeback on Fashion Week’s Spring 2022 shows.

Studded, shearling-lined with heavy wooden soles in earthy colors, this comfortable shoe compliments straight dresses, square jeans, and longer summer cardigans.


Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, and Ralph Lauren are only some of the designers that launched mules for their Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Pointy tips seem to be the preferred design for this shoe which is making a comeback for a sleeker and more put-together look. 

Mules pair incredibly well with office pants and suits. We’ll see them in pastel colors as well as sober black and off-white for more formal occasions.   

Lace-Up Sandals

Gladiator sandals are back. As per the new Valentino campaign “Rendez-Vous” came out four days ago, this memorable shoe trend will be stronger than ever. We’ll see them in pastels and earthy tones as well as some bright pinks and purples for the bold ones. 

This kind of shoe pairs incredibly well with flowy dresses and ancient-inspired boho looks.


Definitely one of the biggest trends for this spring. This very feminine shoe goes well with almost everything, from short shorts to long pants, to dresses and more. You can dress them up or down depending on the occasion, you will find them in more sober materials as well as embellished, beaded with very pointy toes.


Lastly, we can’t leave platforms out of the list. Both high platform sandals and closed-toed high shoes, in this case, the higher the better. The ultimate party shoe for this spring.


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