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Lana del Rey deserves a Grammy (Op-Ed)

Lana Del Rey’s exclusion from the winner’s circle is, without a question, the most flagrant theft in Grammy history. Del Rey has been making waves in the music business since her 2012 breakthrough with “Born To Die” which included well-known songs like ‘Nation Anthem’ and ‘Summertime Sadness.’ Her dedication to nostalgic thoughts and her ability to combine auditory nostalgia with something completely new have been groundbreaking.

Instead of emulating her peers, Del Rey has always had a voice that is readily identifiable as being hers, radiating the charisma of a bygone Hollywood heroine. She is a walking embodiment of old Hollywood glitz who, with her looks and music, is changing the game for independent musicians.

Del Rey seemed to be the target of increasing criticism with each new album. Del Rey’s world has stayed the same as the media has shifted towards overt feminism and empowerment, creating popular songs about women empowering themselves, accepting their sexuality, and dominating in the workplace and in the bedroom. From the romantic perspective, she tells stories of men who are either defective or aggressive, complicated relationships, and obvious poison.

Del Rey has been a beacon of hope for modern music fans and an industry game-changer. She was a trailblazer and game-changer in the music business because to her distinctive style and dedication to honesty. Modern indie rock and alternative music would not exist if she hadn’t been around. At a turning point in the industry’s history, she made her debut, changing the game with her one-of-a-kind looks and innovations. She unquestionably ushered in a new age in visual and musical culture as the dominant figure on sites like Tumblr.

Grammys aren’t the only way to evaluate talent but ignoring Del Rey’s work shows how organizations focus on surface-level metrics instead of recognizing artists for their lasting effect and groundbreaking work. She encouraged a whole new wave of musicians to break out from the pack and find their own voice, and her impact went well beyond the realm of music. She has earned every honor that is due her for her monumental contributions to modern music.


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