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Lil Wayne’s Next Album His Last as he Moves on to Sports


The infamous rapper Lil Wayne has announced that his 11th and last album, “The Carter V”, will be out next year to mark his retirement from the rap game. The rapper, who has another release called “I Am Not A Human II” slated for release in February, reportedly sat down with MTV recently to discuss his aspirations of becoming a sports analyst and even starting a new sports show with fellow rapper Nelly.
“The Carter V is my last album. I’ve been rapping since I was 8 years old; I’m 30 now. That’s a long time, and I like to do so many more things, and when I like to do something, I end up loving to do it real quickly. And, when I love to do something, I’m fully focused on it and it only, and music sometimes is not that ‘it.'”
Lil Wayne made a name for himself as a teenager in the New Orleans rap group known as the Hot Boys. Since then, he has reached impressive heights in the rap world with a record label (Young Money Records) and platinum album sales under his belt. Having conquered all of his goals, Lil Wayne is moving on to new endeavors in the sports world. Plus, this also gives him time to be a father to his little ones with less time in the studio. Regardless of how you feel about Lil Wayne, there is no denying that he has worked to his full potential here and is setting a great example for his fans by not stopping here but moving on to bigger and better things. Besides, we have a feeling this “retirement” means nothing close to the end for Lil Wayne.


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