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Liz Cheney Making Her Way Back to the Top with Help of Other Anti-Trump GOP

Liz Cheney has been open about her dislike for former President Donald Trump and his policies for some time now. For this, she has not only received criticism and attacks from Trump himself but also other members of the Republican Party. More recently, Cheney has gained both positive and negative attention for her involvement in the investigation of the January 6th attack on the US capitol. While the Republican National Committee has voted to censure her for this, she has also recently received an increase in donations for her reelection bid from those who would like to move the party away from the era of Trump.

GOP Rep. Cheney was elected to represent Wyoming in 2016, and during his 4 years in office, she voted in favor of Trump’s positions on legislative issues 92.9% of the time. Despite this and her position as the highest-ranking female Republican in Congress, her public reprimand of Trump’s role in the Capitol Riot almost a year and a half ago has lost her this position as well as a lot of support. Immediately following the Capitol insurrection, Cheney spoke out about its disrespect to rule of law, and the voting process. In a statement about the “mob” and the disruption they caused to congress she stated, “There is no question that the President formed the mob, the President incited the mob, the President addressed the mob. He lit the flame.”

During the impeachment trial of Trump for inciting the insurrection, Cheney was one out of ten House Republicans who voted to impeach him. She went on to make scathing statements about Trump’s betrayal to his duty and the country by inciting the anger that fueled the mob, and for doing nothing to stop it. This resulted in anger and retaliating statements by the former President, and ultimately cost her the support of a majority of the party and her constituents. However, more recent interest from many in the Republican Party to move on from Trump and his influence over the GOP has resulted in Cheney becoming somewhat of a leader among anti-Trump Republicans. In the final quarter of 2021, she raised over $2 million, her most successful fundraising ever. Some have even estimated that she could consider going after the GOP nomination in the event of Trump running again. However, those on the opposite side of the Party, are pushing hard to support Harriet Hageman, who is endorsed by Trump. Both women represent different directions for the future of the GOP


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