Major Kentucky Flooding Kills At Least
8 People

At least eight people were confirmed dead Thursday after widespread flooding followed
by heavy overnight rains. Governor Andy Beshear says this will be “one of the most
significant, deadly floods,” in the state’s history. The flooding across eastern Kentucky
has left people stranded on rooftops and others without power or water as forecasts call
for even more rain.

Parts of Kentucky have received more than 9 inches of rain just from Wednesday to
Thursday morning, according to weather reports. The rain in the state has overwhelmed
creeks, streams and ground already covered in previous rain. Floodwaters have
destroyed towns, swamping homes, business, and leaving vehicles in useless piles.
Mudslides on steep slopes have left many people trapped and without power, making
rescues even more difficult.

Beshear said he expects death tolls to ride into the double digits as the forecasts seem
to expect more rain. He said forecasted storms Thursday evening and into the weekend
mean “the impacts could worsen,” potentially slowing down rescue efforts and work to
restore power and water.

“This is an ongoing disaster that continues to put people in danger,” Beshear said
Thursday evening. “Our death toll is growing, … and a lot of families out there have lost
absolutely everything.”

Emergency crews have made up to 50 air rescues and hundreds of water rescues on

Beshear has declared a state of emergency for all of Kentucky, and the National Guard
has been mobilized.

“We probably have not seen the worst of it,” Beshear said. “Sadly, we believe that we
will lose Kentuckians and a lot of Kentuckians will probably lose most of what they


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