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Michael Bublé Just Released the Video for “I’ll Never Not Love You”

“I’ll Never Not Love You” is the second song released from Michael Bublé’s new album “Higher.” The official music video came out a few hours ago. The Canadian singer and his wife, Luisana Lopilato, would re-enact love scenes from classic films.

The video also brought the fans’ attention to Luisana’s new pregnancy as you can see her showing off her very noticeable baby bump. The couple, who have been together for over ten years, have three children: Noah, age eight, Elias, age six, and Vida, age three.

On shooting her husband for the music video, Luisana has said, “You can’t imagine how happy and glad I feel about working with Mike and spending 3 days with him on set. I admire him so much, he is the #1 in everything he does, so professional!”

Michael Bublé’s 11th studio album, called “Higher” will be out on March 25th. It is available for pre-ordering with Bonus Track and Exclusive Silver LP now on his website. 

So far, we’ve only heard one other track “My Valentine” which was released three days before Valentine’s Day and it already has collected over 3 hundred thousand views on YouTube. 

Many fans of the jazz singer have expressed how happy they feel about the new songs, and how great it is that his new material still preserves the pop romantic essence of his earlier songs.

Bublé will be presenting the new songs from April 29th-April 30th and another on May 4th-7th in Las Vegas before starting his tour through Europe and South America.


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