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More people should know about ZHU (Op-Ed)

Growing up, I was never a huge fan of electronic or house music, but when I discovered American music producer and singer ZHU, that changed. I first discovered ZHU when I was thirteen and me and my sister were driving to the beach. I was fascinated by his funky instrumentals and eccentric yet beautiful high-pitched singing voice.

This Grammy-nominated artist is amongst the elite electronic and house producers in the world. He is known for his hit singles “Faded” and “Cocaine Model” amongst others. His singles and EPs have dominated the Billboard charts. ZHU was born Steven Zhu on April 28, 1989, in San Fransisco, California. He is of Chinese-American descent.

“Cocaine Model” was the first song I’ve heard by ZHU. I was in love with how atmospheric the pads were and how catchy and witty his lyrics were. His songs have atmospheric pads coupled with funky pianos and synths. He also has some heavy-hitting house drums perfectly situated above this. Folks, this is the man you want to listen to if you’re in a good mood and you just want to let loose and party.

“In the Morning” is also amongst the first few songs I’ve heard of him and I loved everything about that song. It was hard to hear this song and not dance. The piano and house drums are simply breathtaking. “Mannequins and Egos” is a more recent song of his that I first heard in my freshman year of college and I was pleasantly impressed by Mr. ZHU’s rapping ability on this track.

This music genius is an all-around artist as his music videos are equally as good as his music. He has some pretty cool and colorful graphics in his music videos. He reminds me very slightly of TheWeeknd as they both mostly discuss love, sex, their past and lifestyles, partying, and so on. ZHU and TheWeeknd also have gorgeous singing voices and they can sing pretty high.

My friends, please do not hesitate to give this electronic music star a try. I promise you will not regret it. I would start by listening to “In the Morning,” “Mannequins and Egos,” and “Drowning.” These are my three personal favorites.


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