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Lipstick shades that look good on everyone (Op-Ed)

Given that I am an avid lipstick lover; there is an array of shades I love.  However, I feel some shades don’t look good on most people. In the same token, I feel certain shades do look stunning on most people. When buying lipstick, one must take into consideration not just their personal preference, but their complexion. There are lipstick shades that I absolutely love because they look good on all if not most complexions these shades are red, pink, and brown.

It is a known fact that red looks stunning on everyone! Beauty experts and scientists alike would agree. Red is a very seductive color, and scientists say that wearing red can make you more attractive to the opposite sex.  According to the NZ Herald, studies have shown that men and women find this color appealing.

So, it is no surprise that red lipstick is so popular. It is one of the most “universal” colors because women of lighter, darker, and medium skin tones can look good in it. I feel pink lipstick shades (light pink or a more natural-looking pink in particular) look stunning on all shades because of their natural hue.

I’ve seen women of dark, light, and medium skin tones rock this shade effortlessly. I feel it’s the perfect finishing touch to your “natural daytime look.” It works well on any casual event.

Now, I know what you all may be thinking: “Brown looks good on everyone… really Elizabeth?” Yes, really, I feel that anyone can shine in a brown shade (specifically a medium brown shade, not too light or dark) let me tell you why.

Brown, like pink, is a very natural color and I feel that light-skinned women (not just darker-skinned women) can look great on it. I myself am a fair-skinned woman and I have worn brown lipstick. I’ve seen other fair-skinned women not to mention celebrities (cough.. model Gigi Hadid) looking fine as wine in this shade!

This shade looks especially great on fair-skinned women if it is a brown that has a red tint to it. Brown lipstick shades remind me a bit of red lipstick shades because they are bold, yet universal and well-liked.


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