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More people should listen to vinyl (Op-Ed)

In a time where most information can be accessed digitally, oftentimes straight from our pockets, enjoying something tangible and physical is a cherished rarity that people are seeking out more and more.

As 80’s and 90’s trends make their resurgence through fashion, hairstyles and accessories, there has also been an uptick in the music and other popular culture from this time period- especially in the way that people listened to their music. 

Vintage vinyl records, one of the most classic formats for physical media, allows for an entirely unique listening experience for your favorite tracks. Unlike a digital recording, physical records with analog sound add a certain depth and rich sound quality. Instead of relying on complex production techniques, mixing strategies and precise editing to perfect the audio, records allow for the listener to hear the recording as it was played in the studio that day, imperfections and all.

Of course, for modern records, this is not exactly the scenario. In most cases, a digital file of an established song is encoded and engraved onto the vinyl to create the record, but nonetheless, this format still noticeably changes the timbre of the sound and achieves much of the same outcome. 

Music is one of the most integrated parts of an individual’s daily routine: Spotify Wrapped doesn’t lie. With some audiophiles clocking tens of thousands of listening minutes at least, it’s clear that the soundtrack to their lives accompanies them nearly every waking moment. 

But, with this, it’s possible that there is some lost appreciation for the songs or the artists themselves. By anchoring your music to a certain place or time, you may be more likely to deeply value the music in a high esteem, regaining its speciality and uniqueness.

Yes, records and turntables are pricey in comparison to music streaming platform subscriptions, and they do have the risk of being damaged or malfunctioning. However, if you’re willing and able to shell out some extra bucks and take that risk, you’ll form an incredible new relationship to music that digital simply can’t match. 


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