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MS 13 Update

Our #1 Priority is to stalk, shadow and weaken MS-13……….where ever they might be. Below is an example of the continuing problem. As politicians argue about what to do………MS-13 continues to survive and grow. This MS-13 member was arrested for manslaughter in May of 2000. He stabbed an illegal outside of a Deli in Huntington, Long Island. He did his time in a Federal lockup and was released in 2017. At that moment ICE deported him back to El Salvador.

Soon after he snuck back in and came right back to Huntington. Local law enforcement has been told not to work with ICE or share info. ICE was making the rounds when they spotted this same MS-13 member, tattoos and all walking down the street……like he owned it. Local law enforcement was MIA on this arrest. He will be deported again………and guess what……..he’ll try to come back again and again MS-13 knows it’s just a matter of numbers. ICE can’t stop nor catch all of them. MS-13’s motto is “KILL, RAPE and CONTROL”. but only against their own people. They know if you do that you stay under law enforcement’s radar. They wear a tattoo that says it all ” MS-13, From the craddle, into prison and then into a grave.

We have had success in their communities. We confront them, we recruit members away from them and we keep their future recruits, the children, out of harm’s way with our Junior Guardian Angels programs.

And now, after a year of planning, we are crawling into the Belly of MS-13. Into Guatemala itself. We are going to start our first Junior Guardian Angel program in a school in Guatemala City. From there we hope to grow it through out the country. With your Continued help and Support we will once again succeed against all odds. The politicians will continue to point fingers……..while we will continue to organize and FIGHT BACK.

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