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Murray Bauer… We lost a great friend!

Murray Bauer died today.

I’m going to make this simple. We lost one of the best friends anyone could ever have. When you talk about loyalty amongst friends you were talking about Murray.

When I ever heard the phrase Action speaks louder than words… I would instantaneously think about Murray. Murray loved doing things for people. When ever he saw someone who he felt wasn’t getting his due respect, Murray would try to find a way to bring that situation to the forefront so that the individual would get his due credit.

Murray was a true fighter for any individual that had a dream.

This is not always a fair world, You could be the most talented person in your field but that doesn’t mean that you will get your due.

An example of this is… Vinnie Medugno, the very talented radio host on WABC Radio. To Murray, when he would hear Vinnie sing he was listening to a young Frank Sinatra. When he got to know Vinnie the person he would say that he is one of the best people and musician ever. He would get upset because he felt that Vinnie deserved more acclaim for his great talents. He would contact his people in the entertainment business so that they would give Vinnie a fair shot.

He would do the same thing for the great singer Jay Black when Jay was at a low point.

His relationship with the great Yankees outfielder Roy White was historic. Murray ran Roy’s foundation for years and God knows how many kids were helped with scholarships. The thing that upset Murray more than anything was the fact that Roy White didn’t have a plaque in Monument Park at Yankee Stadium. He use to say … I’ll pay for the damn plaque, and he meant it!

He had great friendships with the biggest of the big and the smallest of the small. With Murray it didn’t make a difference.

Last year marked my 50th year in baseball. When Murray found out he called his people at the New York State Legislature. They presented me with Proclamations and honored past Yankee Batboys on the grounds of the original Yankee Stadium.
It wasn’t until Murray died that I realized how often we talked. He was one of the very very few people that you could tell him your deepest darkest secrets. At the same time you would enjoy telling him about your dumbest experiences.
Like so many of us, I will miss Murray so very much and I know that I will see him again on the other side.

My deepest condolences to those who really loved Murray and for those that didn’t, I’m sorry for you too because you missed out on having a wonderful friend!

My deepest condolences to his family that he loved so much.

To his grandchildren, know that your grandfather loved you with all his heart.

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