Must-watch Movies Released in 2019

Being quarantined due to a global pandemic has caused many of us to become movie and TV show fanatics because we now have all the free time we’ve been asking for to catch up with our watchlist. I’ve compiled a short list of 5 films that were released throughout 2019 that are, in my opinion, absolute must-watches. 

  1. Parasite 
    This film didn’t receive the Oscar for best picture, amongst many other ones, for no reason. This film makes you feel so conflicted and makes you rethink so much about your life, all while creating social commentary as part of a dialogue that needs to be discussed more. The way the plot is presented via the series of events makes you question who you truly feel more pity for, making the points of the film just that more effective. That, mixed with the amazingly breathtaking cinematography, bumps this film to the top of your must-watch list. 
  2. Knives Out
    While not as dramatic and intense as parasite, this film is still one of those stand alone films that I recommend you watch on a rainy day-in. This film was packed with dark humor, moments of outburst of laughter, beautiful actors (Chris Evans we’re looking at you) and a fun and gripping plot line. I 100% recommend watching this film if you want an entertaining yet relatively spooky watch. 
  3. Little Women 
    This rendition of Louisa May Alcott’s novel was just absolutely heartwarming. This is definitely a feel-good movie that will also have you crying by the end of it. The way Gretta Gerwig would parallel the flashbacks from the present using different color schemes and white-balances was so innovative and gave the film so much charm. That, in addition to one of my personal favorite cast, made me sob by the end of this film at the movie theatre. I recommend watching this in the comfort of your own home with lots of tissues around, because Timotheée Chalamet is bound to make you shed a few tears here and there. 
  4. Toy Story 4
    It feels like this movie came out centuries ago, but it was only in 2019. Toy Story 4 was the perfect wrap up for a saga that defined our childhood. I remember watching this in the theatre and crying so much because it was just so bittersweet. You could tell by the plot line that the obvious target audience was children, but between the lines; it was for us adolescents that grew up with Toy Story that this movie was truly made for. It was such a beautiful ending for the Toy Story universe, and I recommend watching it immediately if you haven’t! 
  5. Us
    Us is also one of those movies that I forgot came out only a year ago because so much has happened since then. However, this was one of the most bone-chilling films I had seen in a while. It wasn’t a cheap shot, jump scare-y horror film, but it was one of those psychological yet gorey thrillers that have you up for nights at a time. The plot twists in this movie alone should convince you to want to watch it. If you’re a horror movie junkie mixed with a film geek, you’ll love this one!


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