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My three favorite global cuisines (Op-Ed)

Since I’m a foodie, there are a lot of different foods I love, but Mediterranean cuisine is definitely at the top of my list. These foods are a notoriously challenging mix of delicious and healthy. I love food from all Mediterranean areas, and the Middle East, but there are three cuisines that I can’t seem to get enough of: Greek food, Italian food, and Turkish food.

Given that New York has a high concentration of these three ethnicities, I was able to come across their cuisine pretty easily, as I am a native New Yorker myself. I was first introduced to these foods when my sister started dating men with these backgrounds (I was around 13-15 years old at the time). They took me to a bunch of Greek, Turkish, Middle Eastern, and Italian spots, and I fell in love immediately.

The first one I tried was the most popular; Italian food. Italian foods like pizza and ravioli have been integrated into American culture, so it’s fairly easy to find Italian restaurants. Finding good and authentic Italian spots, however, can be a bit more challenging. When my sister went to Italy, she brought back an array of tasty Italian spaghetti and seasonings that tasted divine. My favorite meals from this beautiful country would have to be pasta, spaghetti, ravioli, and lasagna. 

Greek food is absolutely amazing and healthy. I first tried it when I was around 15 when my sister took me to a Greek restaurant. The Greek salads and pita breads were phenomenal (and these were just the appetizers!). My favorite dishes from this gorgeous country are the gyro, chicken souvlaki, and the rice and peas of course.

I also am enamored with Turkish food, which is very similar to Middle Eastern food. In my experience, I’ve found Turkish food to have that healthy Mediterranean flare and kick, which I love. Their food tastes fresh and is not dry, all of which is an additional plus.

Their pita breads and salads are phenomenal as well, but I truly love them for their kabobs. Their meat is always tender, fresh, moist, and thoroughly cooked, which are all great qualities that you want to have in a kabob. Their gyros and pizzas are also to die for. My favorite meals from this stunning country are the gyro, kabob, and pizza.


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