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My top three favorite Latin-American dishes (Op-Ed)

We Latinos are known for several things like our music, dances, and gorgeous people, but hunny let me tell you about our food! We have a lot of tasty food so if you haven’t tried a Latin dish, you are honestly missing out. If you’re interested in trying this cuisine, I would love to tell you about my top three favorite Latin American dishes that you have got to try first! It was extremely hard for me to just choose three because a lot of our foods are delicious, but these I would say are truly superb.

A lot of people don’t know about the traditional Salvadoran dish Pupusas, but since I grew up in Long Island where there is a large concentration of Salvadoran-Americans, I was able to find out about this heaven-sent dish. I first tried this dish when I was a teenager, and I fell in love. Pupusas are stuffed tortillas, corn pancakes, or griddles for lack of a better definition. They are usually stuffed with beans, meat, chicken, cheese, vegetables, and anything you want really. You can buy them at a Salvadoran deli or a Central American restaurant.

Being Dominican-American, it would be a sin for me not to include a Dominican dish on this list, so I chose my favorite Dominican classic: Morro de Guandules. Morro de Guandules consists of pigeon peas and rice, and this dish is also served in Puerto Rico. I’ve been eating this for as long as I can remember; since I was 9, I would say. My mom would always make it, and it would always come out amazing! You can have this rice with just about any meat or vegetable you want. I personally love it with avocadoes.

Last but not least: Quesadillas. Almost everyone knows about this popular Mexican dish, so I don’t need to introduce it as much, but this dish is top-tier. You can get these bad boys everywhere: Chipotle, Moe’s, Taco Bell, and any Mexican (or even American) restaurant or diner. Quesadillas for those of you who sadly don’t know are stuffed tortillas that (similarly to pupusas) you can stuff with your choice of meat, vegetables, and of course cheese.


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