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Negron: All The President’s Men

Michael Cohen
Michael Cohen

This really is a special country when the men that help and advise the most powerful person in the world can take the time to congratulate a young person just starting his life.

Such was the case when the NY Daily News wrote a piece on my son, Ricky Negron, and the fact that he was drafted by the Atlanta Braves. The first call came from Michael Cohen, the personal attorney  for President Trump. Michael is a dear friend of mine who has been on my ESPN Deportes radio show, Impact. Being the father of a very talented left handed pitcher, Jake, Michael knew exactly what to say to Ricky.

Anthony Scarramucci
Anthony Scarramucci

The second call came from Anthony Scaramucci. Anthony is a very flamboyant political figure who has had great success in the financial arena and has worked very hard in assisting the President in selecting the right people for the right posts in Washington.

Anthony is also a regular visitor on ESPN Impact. His knowledge of sports is great and when he comes on the show with Mr October, Reggie Jackson, it makes for great radio. To have Anthony wish Ricky good luck, knowing that in the next breath he could be telling the President something important dealing with world views, is incredible.

Finally we received a call from Chris Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax and probably one of President Trumps closest advisers and friends. I am proud to say that I write a column on Newsmax.com every week. The enthusiasm that Ray Negron with Donald TrumpChris showed for Ricky really made me feel very proud as a dad.  It also made me feel good that in this country people like this have not forgotten the young men and women who are next in line to lead our great land. These men have not forgotten that in their quest to be somebody, the kids still need that little pat on the back. I also know for a fact that these men are here to support all young kids not just mine.

Ricky and I want to take the time to thank these very fine individuals just for caring. It really does mean a lot and for a young kid just starting his life, words of wisdom can go a long way.

When you can have one of these individuals bring your son congratulations from the President of the United States, there is only one thing to say, “Only In America!”

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