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Negron: Hal And Hank Celebrate Birthday And New Season

Hank Steinbrenner celebrated his 60th birthday on the eve of the 2017 baseball season. The party was put together by Hank’s daughters Julia and Jacqueline Steinbrenner. Many of Hanks’ family and friends were there and a lot of love was circulating at Steinbrenner Field where the party was held.

It was nice to see Hank and Hal together. You could tell how close the two brothers really are. It was great to be able to share the love and happiness that all of Hanks children feel for their dad. Towards the end of the party many of us went down to the batting cage where everyone took their turns at bat.

Big time entertainment attorney Paul Schindler who represents Mark Anthony and Lionel Ritchie even brought his own designer uniform and spikes to take his cuts. As you can see in one of the pictures Hank was acting like he was a super scout.

The party itself was a complete surprise to Hank. His birthday is actually Apr. 2, so he though he and his son George Michael were going to take some family pictures. Little did he know when he walked into the dining area there were tons of family and friends waiting to scream out, “Surprise!”

In a page right out of Wrestlemania, Hank had so much fun that he even acted as if he was punching his close friend Aris in the face. And everyone believed it.

At separate times, I got a chance to talk to Hal about this Yankees team for 2017 and he was very enthusiastic about the possibilities of this young club surprising the baseball world. Hal was very happy with the positive spring camp that the Yankees completed and the excitement that he felt from this terrific young group of players.

Later in the evening, I got to speak with Hank about the same subject and he feels that not only will the Yankees surprise the fans this season but the nucleus of players throughout the entire system will challenge the American League for the next few years to come.

All in all, I think that Hank enjoyed a very happy birthday and I believe that the Steinbrenner family will continue to  be great owners for baseball in the years to come. Thank Goodness for that!

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