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Negron: I Hope Thurman Munson Can Be Proud

TAMPA – This weekend, I came to the NY Yankees Fantasy Camp.  It’s the one time of the year that I can sit down with Diane Munson, Thurman’s wife, and soul search and talk about days gone by.

To Thurman Munson, I was always his little brother and Diane was like my sister.  Whenever Diane was in New York at the end of that particular homestand, I would always drive Thurman and her to Teterboro Airport. Those rides were the most hilarious of times because Thurman and Diane used to poke fun at each other and we would scream with laughter.

I never saw a Yankee couple more in love. I always wished that I could someday have a marriage like that.  Diane asked me about this new Yankee catcher named Sanchez. I told her that I had already done a couple of charity events with Gary and for me he represented the spirit of Thurman in a very nice way.

I asked Diane if she would like to send a message to Gary Sanchez on  behalf of the Munson family, and she said she would love to.  Here is the message that was transcribed by NY Sports Day from Diane Munson: “Hi Gary! I can’t wait to meet you in February and I heard nothing but wonderful things about you. I look forward to it. I heard you are a gamer, just like Thurman Munson. It’s going to be my pleasure.”

I hope that Gary Sanchez understands the magnitude of what Diane is trying to say.

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