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Our Prayers for Doc. Dwight Gooden Hospitalized

In the middle of the wonderful fanfare because of Doc Gooden’s number 16 being retired at Citi Field, the good Doctor suffered a ruptured appendix.

Doc is presently at a Long Island hospital being prepared for surgery.

When I spoke to Doc he gave me his classic line that he always uses during moments of adversity… Always Something!

It’s incredible how Doc and his baseball brother Darryl Strawberry always seem to hit these bumps on the road during high moments in life. Last month Darryl suffered a heart attack but I’m happy to say he is doing well.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Doc so that he to can make a speedy recovery.

In speaking to Doc I feel horrible for him because of the incredible amount of pain that he’s going through.

The many commitments that come with the retirement of his number 16 will have to wait until Gooden can make a full recovery. Doc was feeling terrible about that.

I told Gooden that this is the last thing that he should be thinking about because he could have died… and then what!

However, I must say that with everything that this man has gone through in his truly fascinating, adventures and heartfelt life… This to shall pass!

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