Proud Boys Guilty of January 6th Attack

A member of Proud Boys pleaded guilty for being involved in the attack in the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to bring Donald Trump in the second term of presidency. This person would face up to 28 years in prison, but federal sentencing guidelines would have this person jailed for six or seven years. Their group members will be going to trial this May.

Donohoe, one of the group members of Proud Boys, had a high rank in the group. He used messaging apps incognito to  make plans on invading the Capitol. He threw two water bottles at the police and took pictures of the riot. He wanted to stop the mob from advancing. At 1:30 P.M., he took a picture with Dominic Pezzola holding a stolen police’s riot shield. Seven people died in the riot and 140 police officers were injured. The panel said more than 800 people were charged guilty of the attack.

With Donohoe’s information, prosecutors have now tracked the planned violence from the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers. In addition to this, an Alabama member from the Oath Keepers pleaded guilty for their conspiracies for the Capitol breach.

Enrique Tarrio from Proud Boys admitted to planning the January 6th attack. Earlier, he pleaded not guilty. He committed six felonies and would be held in jail until the trial arrives. Donohoe was aware that having the riot in the Capitol was illegal, but he pushed forward for it anyway. Then, Tarrio would burn a Black Lives Matter banner from a local church. In their statement, “Donohoe pushed forward to advance up the concrete stairs toward the Capitol. The crowd overwhelmed law enforcement who were attempting to stop their advance.”

Donohoe was stopped by the police’s pepper balls. Eventually, the large mob was able to take over the U.S. Capitol. He will have a later court hearing that will provide detailed information about his sentencing.


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