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Rajon Rondo Accused of Pulling Gun on
Former Partner

Cavaliers star Rajon Rondo allegedly pulled a gun on his former partner, Ashley
Bachelor, and threatened to kill her in front of their two kids.

According to reports from TMZ, Rondo’s partner Ashley Bachelor filed a protective
emergency order against Rondo after the 36-year-old allegedly pulled a gun on her and
threatened to kill her.

TMZ sports reported that Bachelor stated “I am extremely fearful for my safety and for
the safety of my children. Rajon has a history of volatile, erratic, explosive behavior,” in
her emergency order filling.

Bachelor claims that Rondo was with his son on May 11, when she asked the boy to do
laundry. Bachelor reportedly stated that Rondo became furious and started to scream in
front of their son. The two-time NBA champion then reportedly smashed tems, including
a teacup, outdoor lights, trash cans and a gaming console.

Bachelor proclaimed that the kids were upset after seeing their dad losing it, so she
tried to deescalate the situation. She alleges that Rajon responded to her attempt by
making a death threat, claiming that he said, “You’re Dead.”

Soon after, Bachelor alleged that Rondo left the house for around 15 minutes, and
returned later with a gun. After telling Bachelor to go get him their son, in fear of being
killed, she complied. Rando allegedly “yanked him outside”, and started yelling at him
asking why he was afraid of his father. Bachelor alleged that he soon after did the same
towards their daughter.

According to TMZ, Rando left the house soon after his mother and father arrived.

Ashley Bachelor was granted protection for herself and her two children by a local

So far, Rando and his representatives have not given out a statement over the incident.

Rondo, 36, just finished his 16th season in the NBA. The Cavaliers acquired him from
the Lakers in January in a three-team trade.


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