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Ralph Lauren’s New Capsule Collection Inspired in the Black Preppy Style

The preppy look is trending big and both men and women are continuously searching for brands that nail the style. If the previews are any indication, Ralph Lauren’s new collection comes to tap that search.

The collection, which is launching on March 29, will be presented in a 27-minute film production called “A Portrait of the American Dream” where Ralph Lauren himself talks about his own pursuit after a life dream. “I have always believed in the American dream,” he says. And he goes on to explain his and his brand’s mission, “our greatest responsibility (is) to understand, be inspired by, and aspire to the dreams of all those who call this country home.”

This is the muse behind the Spelman and Morehouse, Ralph Lauren collaboration.  

What can we expect from Ralph Lauren’s New Capsule Collection?

In this collaboration with Morehouse and Spelman, two of the most prominent HBCUs in America, we can expect to see a capsule wardrobe full of smart shirts, skirts, pants, and the trademark polo, all of them in white, to achieve that all-white look.  

In the previews, we also had a peek into plaid wool suits, knit sweaters, and college cotton sweaters with the letters M and S for Morehouse and Spelman. 

Dressy, yet casual, this new collection nods to vintage college looks from the 1940s and 1950s, and it comes to prove that preppy style is not just for white people. And this is one of the most exciting accents of the new collection: Ralph Lauren, an icon of American fashion is also telling a story. 

It is not just about the clothes, which we expect to be nothing less than fabulous. It is about Black History and Black style, fashion, and dreams. The actors, models, and people behind the scenes in this collection are also Black creatives. In fact, many of the models are current Spelman and Morehouse students.

Ralph considers himself an example of the “American Dream.” Son of immigrants, raised in the Bronx, he came to build one of the greatest fashion empires in the world. This is probably one of the reasons that he did not hesitate when he was approached by Spelman and Morehouse to build this collection. 

The trailer for the 28-minute film is available now. The film itself will premiere on March 28 on Ralph Lauren’s social media channels. As for the collection, it will be available on his website, Ralph Lauren stores, and at the bookstores of Morehouse and Spelman.


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