Red Sox Returns to US by Bus, not Plane

The Red Sox will be returning to the States through a two hour bus trip instead of the plane. They will be crossing the Canadian and American border, and this is important to them because flying in different countries requires a negative result in COVID testing, but this is not required for border crossings. The Red Sox don’t want to leave anyone behind, and they are willing to commit more time on the road to make sure that happens.

The Blue Jays also didn’t want to leave their team behind. They drove 100 miles to Buffalo and later flew to Boston.

Major League Baseball does not push their players to get the vaccination, but anyone entering in Canada is required to have proof of vaccination. They require at least two doses of the vaccine before 14 days of entering the country. Tanner Houck, a Red Sox pitcher, said, “I think it’s a personal choice for everyone, whether they get it or not.”

Manager Alex Cora did not join the games in Toronto because he tested positive for the coronavirus. He has been vaccinated and boosted. Later, he received a negative test and was cleared by Major League Baseball to join the team once again on Wednesday night. Bench coach Will Venable said, “He’s feeling a lot better. Still some mild symptoms but he’s feeling a lot better. Nobody popping up with new symptoms. So we’re day by day but we’re good.” Venable adds, “Andy Fox will be the official bench coach but everybody’s filling in. We’re all helping out with everything that’s going on. It’s really all hands on deck. That’s what makes it fun and gives us confidence that we’re going to do just fine as much as we miss Alex.”

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Red Sox will play against the Rays. After arriving in Buffalo, the team will fly to Baltimore.


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