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 Sabrina Carpenter is revitalizing pop music (Op-Ed)

A new adage has been swirling around on social media that I couldn’t agree with more: Sabrina Carpenter is “pop-starring” in a way a pop star hasn’t “pop-starred” for quite a while. That saying is a mouthful, but in essence, it’s true. 

With a large portion of popular modern artists exuding a darkness and melancholy in their tracks, production, releases, etc. (which is a great and necessary thing to have), Carpenter is bringing something quite refreshing back to the table: fun. 

Coming off of her extended “emails i can’t send” release and tour, as well as her international collaboration with Taylor Swift as an opener, Carpenter has been on a roll in the public eye and in the charts. 

With her performance at Coachella (a long-standing dream of hers) as well as the release of her summer bop “Espresso”, we’re seeing a level of popularity, joy, and carefree, easy-going performance from her that is simply fascinating to watch. 

Viewing performances of “Espresso” and other hits such as “Nonsense”, “Feather”, and classic covers paired with high-energy, yet loose choreography allows audiences, viewers, and listeners to fully embrace the glitter-gel lyrics and let their hair down, welcoming not only the impending summer season (the MOST important and valuable time to release a hit song), but also welcoming a mindset of enjoyment, confidence, self-assuredness and joy. 

Carpenter has been making her way up the artists’ food chain for over a decade, slowly but surely adding to the building blocks of her career through the release of multiple well-received albums, EPs, and singles.

The combination of her true vocal talent, ranging from strong, fully-developed belting capacity to delicate high notes, as well as her enticing stage presence, fashion choices and style, likable persona and enjoyable music has recently skyrocketed her into superstardom, claiming multiple streaming records and accolades in the month of April and beyond. 

As I see it, this artist is at the top of her game with the arrow continuing to go up. If she plays her cards right and ensures that she is taking care of herself mentally, physically, and emotionally amid this unprecedented attention, there is no doubt in my mind that she can become one of the most well-known and well-loved artists of the decade and beyond.


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