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Senior Citizen Women Under Attack NYC

Within one week there have been 2 BRUTAL and VICIOUS attacks against Senior Citizen Women in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. One by a girl gang and one by a boy gang. In both cases they followed the female senior citizens, sucker punched them from behind and then stomped them. In the video that you can watch the elderly woman refused to let go of her purse as she absorbed more punishment.

Unfortunately the NYPD has done little in these cases. As a result we flooded the area with Guardian Angels in the last few days in what is considered the cultural center of NY Lincoln Center where both attacks occurred.

EQ, Milton and KC’s patrols have hit the subway stations in the area, the shopping districts and the nearby projects. We have stopped residents, given them fliers, and warned them of these attacks against Senior Citizen Women. We will continue to hit the area until arrests are made.

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